day 17 : If you knew you were dying, what would you want your last words / advice to the world and why?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 @ 5:24 PM | (0) comment/s

dear all,
for those who are reading this, im telling you  that im dying now.

for you who are just 12 years old going to enter teenager's life :
play as hard as you can. run as fast as you want. laugh as loud as u care. because that is your childhood. u gonna miss your childhood as u r growing up. u will wonder why when last time u fight with ur friends about something, the next day u will become friends again. if u have chubby face, dont care about what people say. dont think that is fat. think it makes u special. study hard is compulsory for all of us, so dont slack. do your homework and control your addiction towards video games/ computer games if you have. go and explore what are your abilities and what are you weaknesses. build up and find new hobbies. don't give up on your dreams. treasure your childhood friends as they give colors to your childhood life. going into teenager phase is not fun at all. u will face new problems. and these problems vary from people around you, school, and yourself. so, dont get agitated, just explore. :) be yourself is the most important thing.
enjoy your young days while you still can.

for you who are teenagers around 13 to 15 years old :
dont raise your voice when you talk to ur mother. it hurts her. she always gives the best for you. she even risked her life to deliver you to this world. she accompanied you and taught you while you barely talked. some unfortunate ones, dont even have the chance to see their moms. and yet you dont cherish her. you rather spend your time with your friends who perhaps back-stab you or hate you or even leave you when u need them. but your mom will not leave you alone. when u really found a good friend, dont lost it. because it is very hard to find a good friend these days.

for you who are around 17 years old to 21 years old,
u are old enough to make many decisions in your life. be brave and not be afraid of the future. be certain n believe in yourself as it powers and enlightens you. dont be afraid of making decision now because if not now, when??? always ask yourself "what i truly want?" every now and then. this helps directs u to your life goal.
dont forget what the purpose you live in this world for. be a man of your words,too.

for the most important thing is, do what you think its right. but think twice. so u wont regret doing it.
always remember that your future is depend on what you did today. be brave. independent. strong. wise. humble. helpful. of course all the good things this world offers to u.

take care and all the best.

yours sincerely,
fLo eLeven ^^