day 18 : Thoughts on cheating / player.

Thursday, June 30, 2011 @ 5:24 PM | (0) comment/s


personally i have dated 2 guys that can be categorized as a player. well, i was playing along that time ( psst. it was 4 years ago). they can fake about everything including his feeling to you. he can fool you into thinking that he love you sincerely. you cant differentiate which is his true words, which are not. he can make you head over heels, forgetting many things that you should think about. you prefer to talk/dream about him rather than doing your homework. you just doomed.

but when they get tired of you, they start to distance themselves. usually with many excuses.

honestly, i think those players are always people that have nothing to do. they are so bored with their life that they want to do something fun. and to them 'cheating' is fun.

i think what they did is actually to make reputation / fame. i pity them because they make me feel that they are so lifeless.

since i believe in karma. so i know they will get their karma as they hurt another girls' feelings.

yes, i was caught off guard sometimes. i fall to all their lies, i dream about them most of the time, neglecting my homework. part of the reason is also because they were hurt by other before. that makes their feeling numb or they just want to take revenge.