days after the first semester exam

Friday, June 3, 2011 @ 1:13 PM | (0) comment/s

so here i am. typing at home. time flies. its friday AGAIN. lols. i still could remember vividly last week i had my last paper, Accounts. it was damn shit paper to me compare to all the subjects. but well, let bygone be bygone (issit correct??) 

after the hectic life of SAM *whoever says that SAM's life is good, they forgot to mention about STRESSFUL* 
i watched furiously "the fierce wife" didnt step out of the staircase ( i need to take bath) just in the room and watch the whole drama for 2 consecutive days. sort of an accomplishment to me. haven't been watching so much lately. 

monday till wednesday. been spending times with E7 friends. too bad my girls cant make it. 

Monday :
went to court trip. yeap, we went to high court and etc etc courts. a great experience to allow me to see how the judges and lawyers working. 
after that, fennie and i join another group of friend to watch movie. the night before they were already discussing wad movie to watch. i was quite hesistate when they wanted to watch INSIDIOUS. horror movie. havent been watching horror movie for few years, y not try it again? it gives me... nightmare... after watching that i kept telling my roommate if she heard me screaming in the bathroom she must come out as soon as possible. yeah.. honestly, i was scared out of hell. i kept worrying someone is beside or behind me. and i was afraid to know that. lols. its a madness to me. but after a day. the feeling just gone. :D
after the movie, fennie and i went for shopping. the guys are well their nature doesnt have shopping. they sort of walking their own, and we just looked for clothes. :) 

Tuesday :
played badminton with the so called "badminton gang". only me n fennie are girls. the rest are guys. :( 
it was kinda a surprised to receive an instant message (MSN) from a friend of mine. lols. he ajak-ed me to have yum-cha with him n another friend. strange right. fortunately, they are good guys. hahaha :) 
i thought the yum-cha session will end quite fast. well, it ended up we stayed till 4am. we talked about many things. but mainly we talked about this main character. that day i slept at 5am. but woke up at 9.30am. thought that might be going back to jb with cousin. but it was cancelled and postponed to the next day.(thursday)

when i received that cousin postponed the plan, i was like darn. i got nothing to do at home. so texted the guys and joined them at sunway. they went to play bowling. ah, how i miss bowling. but, i didnt bring my socks so i was the audience that day ;) they play damn badly.. oopss. wanted to take a photo of their scores comparing with 2 girls that seated next to us. however, blocked by edwin. watch pirates. not that awesome compare to the previous ones. went back after the movie but yum-cha again at 10.30pm
hahaha :) 

went back to jb on thursday afternoon. ^^
finally my sweetie tiger. i miss her sooooo  much