Thursday, June 30, 2011 @ 11:25 PM | (0) comment/s

ESL presentation today. i spoke too fast. haih. but overall was still manageable. tomorrow is another hectic day. Legal Awareness Campaign is tomorrow. the day that all of the Legal students in TCSJ been waiting for. 10% of internal assessment to grab, friends. our preparations and hardwork will be presented tomorrow. the venue is at in front of the learning lounge 1 & 2. time: 9am-10am. most of the students are having class at that time tho.

i want to watch tranformers 3!!! tickets are sold out for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. SAD >< omg. there will be a test on monday as well as checking for Legal Research on the same day itself. busy weekend!!! at least presentation is down, n campaign will be over in 12 hours time :)

dear readers, im so sorry for the slow update errr shouldnt say slow. but well, im a bad blogger tho. :p will try to update the challenge sooooooonn. sorrry!!!

have a nice weekend !