im already back in ss15

Sunday, June 12, 2011 @ 1:47 AM | (0) comment/s

reached ss15 at 2.30pm yesterday. flight was delayed which made me wait for almost 3 hours in the airport alone even without wifi. then the immigration was very slow as well. fortunately traffic wasn't that heavy.

upon arrival, i unpacked my stuff, organised few things n read some favourite blogs. then message Tigress to take a chill since she had done with the semester exam. so we decided to shop at sunway pyramid. although i already satisfied with my shopping session with fennie last week, i still spent on clothes that are considered quite reasonable price. last night was really a tiring night for me.

after that we went to buy snowflake and ate it in McD with kw n mc.
slept at 2am. dead sleep. if someone kill me that time, i would just die n never feel hurt.

had to wake up at 8.30am the next day (saturday). but end up really woke up at 9am.
promised kw,ed,cl,n mc last week to watch xmen.
so, end up watch remember me (horror movie) at 11.20am n xmen at 4.15pm.
wanted to play bowling but too bad it was full till 6pm :( been years since last play bowling.

after watching xmen, meet up with tigress n ana. rushing back to home as Ling just reached ss15.
then dinner with tigress' family and chatting with bunch of close friends ^^

wonderful weekend indeed.