Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 6:43 PM | (0) comment/s

im so sorry for the inefficiency of me. i mean i didnt update my blog for a few days, where i supposed to update everyday without fail. :( sorry.

this week has been a hectic week for me. have to find 10 articles for my legal inquiry every single week. that already consumed too much of my time. then i have this all of sudden sleepover at one of my classmates house on wednesday. we planned it at the last minute, tuesday night. we went to Cheras pasar malam, known as the longest pasar malam in Malaysia. then the next day we (friends and I) had to wake up early as we want to take breakfast before head to college. we woke up at 5.15am then jom to dim sum to have breakfast at 5.45am. crazy right. all of us that went to pasar malam were sleepy on thursday lesson. some even doze off in class =D after class me and Nat went to swimming. swimming already took up most of my energy and we even walked the longest route to the swimming complex. how could i get enough energy to continue doing my legal research then? but i have to. working till midnight trying to interpret the passages but came out nothing. thinking that should take a sleep then woke up earlier to go to college. then, i did woke up earlier but then the time was still running too fast. after friday class, Nat and I went to swimming again. we were just addicted to swimming ^^ after swimming we had to rush our legal awareness campaign that held next friday. 10% of our internal assessment man. that's too much! we have to do the content. other members of our group did decoration. so we have to summarize our stuff and write it down on that big manila paper. we did until 12am tho. its midnight. fortunately, kw,ed, and mc came to college (lepak). or else i dont know how im going back home. then the next day, saturday, i have to wake up early again because i have this madu session. and already promised Nat to have breakfast together. so we went to have breakfast then back to college continuing our last night works.
even after madu, we still continued to do our project. i came back home at 6.30pm. that already tired me as hell. later, i went out with Sarah to sunway. i have already promised her to go there few days ago. we went there to buy some formal clothes tho. then came back around 9.30pm. by then, i already do not have energy left to do blogging.

that sum up what i have been doing this week.
i still have to do alot of things this week tho. my ESL tutorial is coming up. it's on upcoming Thursday. That's SAM life.
still, gotta rush to do my homework.
tonight i might be update about today challenge.