life goes on

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 10:53 PM | (0) comment/s

there are still things that can be amended. there still things that can be return. it only takes time and effort of both sides. times will prove it all. prove everything. everyone has their own reasons and excuses. we just left footprints on any others' life that we meet in this life journey. it's good that we left the good ones in others' life. there are times that we have to leave. it just that we never know when is the time. sometimes even without we realize it, we already left too far behind/apart. it's good that we leave some beautiful memories for us to reminisce in future.

i still could remember one of the teacher told me before she left my high school. she told me that our life is like a train. there are stops where people go in or out of the train. those people that go out of the train are the people that left our life. those that go into the train are those who come into our life. that's how we meet many people in this life and how we leave some people as well.

i learnt this lesson. i believe that even we leave one another's life, we still will meet somehow in future perhaps at the other part of the world. if there is fate. i believe we will.

6 months more i will leave this place. i might not be going too far away. but i have to start all over again. meaning i have to restart my habit and schedule, as well as people around me, i have to make new one.

i'm glad i give some inspiration to others. :)
all the best for everyone.