day 23: Thoughts on love.

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be careful it's quite a heavy post ;)
pictures are all from tumblr. 
i do not own anything.
and im not an expert.
its just a thought.

this is one of the hardest thing to talk about.


a 4 letter wotd that has a very wide meaning. it is still depends on each person's points of view to define it.
usually when people ask me this, i would just said in short, it's a feeling. 
if you never fall in love, i couldnt tell you how wonderful the feeling is. 
to me love is undescribeable feelings of constant happiness and high.
although sometimes I may be upset over little thing, its usually just because I havent really adapt to the partner's real habit/character/personality.

LOVE is when I accept all the flaws of your partner.

that's maybe the reason why people keep saying love is blind because when you are in love you are actually forgive those bad habits or personalities that you thought that can drive you mad.
it is all about acceptance.
you cannot change a person, you only have to accept them and influence them in a good way.
if you think once they are your partner and you can change them the way you want,
that's not LOVE.
Love is also about respect.
I respect my partner and my partner should respect me as well.
if he disrespect you then i think he doesnt deserve your respect.
respect can be in many things.
respect can be giving them their own space and time or they own philosophy or thinking.

trust, understanding and work hard and spend time together are also the elements of LOVE.
I believe that without these, a relationship will be shaky.
putting a trust is hard. be understanding is difficult. all these need 2 ways effort to work out a relationship. this is call love. 

many people has a vague meaning of love.
this is all depend on them. depend on how they think. depend on how they look into the situation.
to me, falling in love is hard and energy and time consuming. I have to sort out which is my priority, which is my importance and which is my desire.
but it teaches you million of things that textbook cant describe it.

 these two pictures below listed stuff and actions that girls would like their boys did that for them <3
not all of them of course. but some of them will do. its just the sweetest thing a boy can do to a girl

me and him are like what the pictures below described. we fought. we shout. we pissed at each other.      we wrestle. we punch. we hug. we kiss. we tease. we joke. we laugh at people. we criticize. we are childish sometimes. and many more

 pictures below are considered as advises. 

 and lastly, the pictures below are all the things that i wanted to tell him ;) but i havent got the chance yet. wish to find a time to say all the things that i wanted to tell him. we need more timeeee. LOL =D