Thursday, September 8, 2011 @ 5:00 AM | (0) comment/s

after having dinner yesterday, my headache became worse. so i just cant do anything that i need to do. i mean i have to do this ESL stuffs. so i thought i would take a half an hour nap before started doing it. but i end waking up talking randomly to my roommate, Ling who just got back from college. i remembered i said something why she didnt wake me up cus it was so late now, i might be late for class later. yeah. i thought it was morning already. but then i looked at my ipod. i still couldnt figure out. i only understand one part of what she said to me. "i just got back from college la". then i got back to sleep again. i woke up again around 1am. then i make an alarm clock so that i can wake up around 4am. cus i still havent done anything yet. i woke up just now. but i still felt like sleeping again. duh. then i remembered i havent done my laundry. so i did my laundry before i sat before laptop and started facebook-ing and korean drama ;) nah, im going to do it now. :)