Saturday, September 3, 2011 @ 11:26 PM | (0) comment/s

woke up late for one week straight now. econs presentation on wed. i havent even start doing anything about it yet. i slept and ate and slept and ate and watching TV ALL THE TIME. nah, i feel guilty about it, not that i dont.

so i have to start doing it now. hahaha

flight is at 10.45am local time. approximately will reach Subang airport around 1.30pm Malaysia time. 
went to take ferry to Batam island this afternoon. was left waiting at the crowded waiting area for 2 hours because the ferry left us :( you know how much i hate waiting in the f*cking scorching hot, dirty and ciggie smokes areas. that just made my day. i slept throughout the time in the ferry. checked in to the hotel when reached Batam. then went to have dinner and pedicure :) honestly, that girl didnt do well for my pedi. i still can feel some roughness. wont go to that salon next time tho. get back to hotel and i feel like going swimming XD so i just changed my clothes and put on my swimsuit and just swim :D ya swim. all those people were actually looking at me. ^^ truthfully, i was quite errr rough when i swam just now. even though there was no one in the pool beside me but those guys were sitting beside the pool. 

i got to wake up early tomorrow. :) no more slacking now. bcus holidays is officially over :( 

i have to get back with my boring-and-lifeless life now. i hate that life honestly. i feel empty.

ttfn :)