after trial exam post :D

Sunday, October 2, 2011 @ 3:36 PM | (0) comment/s

hahahaha I'm back in flo-eleven again. i know it was so silly to change my URL then back again here. but yeah i kind of miss my readers :P

trial exam was over last Monday. i know u will tell me why i update now not the day after exams.
nah, in-born procrastination in me was kicking in. so yeah, i was slacking the whole time.
but, i didn't sleep too much or eat too much. i was just finishing my Korean drama as fast as i can.
i admit that i slept a lot yesterday. like 2/3 of the day. nah, don't judge me. i felt terribly tiring of don't know what that i feel so sleepy.

i guess i will just get back to blogging now. like now.

i felt so inspired when i was showering in the morning and now i don't know how to continue this.
blame myself for not putting it all into words, and it has lost in the middle of my nervous cells.HA. i still remember slightly about biology now and then. LOL.

I'm a science student for god knows how many years is that, almost my whole life, OK. i get sick of it. since twelve years old =.= my country did physics, chemistry and biology at the age of twelve. I'm switching to Arts stream this year. I get fed up with those periodic tables, the characteristic of elements, the anatomy of animals/humans/plants, the newton's law, and those scientific terms. my interest in science now only left foods, nutrition and how the body works. nothing more than that. i have found my new interests and passion throughout the years. so I confidently chose Arts than Science.

In fact, if you ask me now whether i regretted of choosing my path where most of the people said you cant change it once you choose arts stream, i will say no. I'm happy with these knowledge i get and lessons that i learnt. I get better view of the world that i never seem to know. I get to see the problem in different angles.

Oh. I'm not asking you to ditch your science to arts. and I also not telling people that science is no good.

it is where my interest is. where i will never get tire of them. ( I feel so sleepy when i read chemistry, biology and physics textbooks last time.) what i want you to know is go and choose according to your interest and desire. not just following the crowd.

another reason for me to choose Arts over Science is because to me Arts are so much flexible, it applies to your surroundings, and I just wanna get something totally different from Science.

this kind of time last year, i was weighing my options to go for SAM of A-Levels, continue Science stream or try out Arts Stream. and today I think I choose correctly.

for those who experience that now, choose carefully, ask many questions and be sure of it.

I never intend to do this kind of post. but well, it turns out like that i just couldn't press backspace button. LOL.

enjoy Sunday :)