The Apple Guy has passed away

Thursday, October 6, 2011 @ 7:18 PM | (0) comment/s

I do not know him personally. I am not even a hardcore fans of Apple products. 
but honestly, I admired him. he is one of those people that I want to meet up. at least, have a conversation. A person i truly admired. Mr Steve Jobs, one of the co-founder of Apple corporation. he suffered from pancreatic cancer for 7 years. he survived for 7 years while others survived only for a few years. I believe he has a strong will by reading the brief story of his life all over the media now. I even believe that he is an amazing wonderful entrepreneur that God has given to us. 

nah, i own one of his product. not an iPhone. it is an iPod. I can see a few differences that make his product outshine others. the quality is definitely there. 

his timeline dated since 2 decades ago from TIME. click here

besides, his company is giving you an opportunity for you to share your thoughts,memories, and condolences at their website. click here

for his life stories you can check out my cousin, Jonathan Quek's blog

My deepest condolences to his family and everyone around him. of course, and Apple fanatics/users.
Rest in Peace. you will be deeply remembered. you changed the world.

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