Friday, October 14, 2011 @ 8:14 PM | (0) comment/s

I was reading one of my high school junior's blog. he has just finished his PMR.
after reading his daily bits, i was brought back to the time when i was done with this PMR stuff.
I remembered a few good friends of mine and I went to chill straight after the last paper. ;) we went to sing k, watch movie and took some photo.

It was 3 years ago. I even remembered some moments of Post-PMR. there were so many fun and happy moments. on the last day of school, we get to play some games. yeah. the whole class.
during that year, my friends and I hang out a lot despite those PMR pressure u get. we mostly went to badminton and swimming every weekends. haha.

I even remember when 2 of my good friends and I went to Singapore. our first trip :)
Esther and Ling, if you are reading this, we haven't gone back to that place. that ice-cream stall. the mixed awesome ice-cream. we said we would go there again. and i think we should!!! hahaha.

SAM life is approaching to an end in a week time. another week of studying and a week of study break then finals.
I miss my high school life and I will miss my SAM life even more. living with good friends and getting to know so many people here and of course my great classmates I could not bear to leave this life when I start to get used to it now. and after I get so comfortable with this environment, habits and life, I have to start all over again next year. I wish I have the same or even better luck next year to be friend with some reliable and awesome friends I have right now.

I think I will make a post about my SAM life ;) since I seldom talk about it here. soon after finals.
(so many posts need to post)