its gonna end soon

Thursday, October 20, 2011 @ 8:19 PM | (0) comment/s

my life in SAM is coming to an end tomorrow as in tomorrow will be the last day of studying together with my awesome classmates. i know i might be crying inside but still will cry alone tho :P lol. i never thought time passes so fast. i always tell myself that i must cherish everything at the moment for it will be gone someday. nah, it is coming to an end very soon. i regret for not living on it more than i hope for.

i just hope all of us still can keep in touch in future for all of them have left their footprints in my life. they are way too awesome to be missed. argh. i will definitely miss them even though we know one another for only 10 months.

tomorrow will be a remarkable day in my life. one of the most precious day to be able to forget. a day where i will reminisce back in future.

dear E7 mates,
if you are seeing this i mean reading this, i want to tell u something.
you guys make my life livelier :)
good luck mates. you guys are awesome!