Thursday, November 3, 2011 @ 8:10 PM | (0) comment/s

sorry for the late of updates. im currently in sitting for my final exams of 3 weeks. kind of unfair. those science students suffer 2 weeks of tortures, while me n fellow classmates are suffering 3 weeks of torture. well, looking at the bright side, i have done 2 papers so 3 more to go. n tomorrow is MATHS. omg.

so many things to say yet so little time to type it out.


SAM is ending in a 2 weeks time. and thus my life chapter of SAM.
it taught me alot of things tho.

ok. i should continue studying. not typing or rambling :P

PS: i miss my blog
PSS: i miss typing out stuff that i want to say, i want to yell and yeah share with ya =D